Taji Cam - Lebanon

Taji just got back from his trip to Lebanon. Peep the vid, and be sure to keep a lookout on www.viceland.com for more of taji's adventures!

"Skating in Lebanon is pretty rugged in most areas, but the skaters make due with what they have. Many of the smoothest spots are located in the heart of downtown by the European designer stores, patrolled by twenty-four hour security. When Lebanese rippers are not getting the boot downtown, they are out and about shredding monuments and any other smooth patches of ground within the outskirts of the city. The driving in Lebanon is insane, people disregard lights and drive on whichever side of the street they desire at any given time. One would not imagine any skaters daring to enter the street to get spot to spot, but they in fact do. They have devised a crafty eco-friendly system of one friend driving a moped as they hold hands, pulling each other spot to spot as a skate chain. This clip is just a small taste of skating Lebanon and made in hope of developing more and more skate awareness in Lebanon."