Go Skate Weekend

So us with jobs couldn't skate on National Go Skate Day so we went out the Saturday beforehand... killed it! Tons of fun out in the Financial District looking for new spots and we had the whole crew out... Tom Sands on video, Brian Cross on photo, Mikey T. on combo photo/video, JL, Putnam, and myself. Video soon, till then here are some photossssss...


grollins- tom rips pedsgrollins- Little Italy
Grollins- Cross Whips Whipps
grollins- Cross City
Cross Photo- GROllie
Cross Photo- Kickflipper
Cross Photo- Grollins frustrated
Grollins- JL Portrait in Ramona!
Grollins-Little Italy 2
Cross Photo- Mikey T. takes photos
Cross Photo- JL F/S180
Cross Photo- Putnam Wallie
Mikey T. photo- JL hippy j
Mikey T. photo- grollins port
Mikey T. photo- JL Hit by Mona
Mikey T. photo- GROllie
Mikey T. photo- Kickflip for the ladies (catchin JL's Flash)