Videographer Profile: Travis L Wood

Travis Wood

Project Bushwick MiniRamp Session January 5th 2010.
Enjoy this sneak peak of whats to come from Project Bushwick's Newest Contributor.

A quick glimpse into Travis' reel.

Last night JL sat down with Travis and asked him a few questions...

(JL) So Travis, what brings you to New York? or more specificly

(TW) I'm in NYC to explore film making opportunities.
What better place to start then Brooklyn with all my

(JL) What do you plan on doing when you get settled in the new pad?

(TW) Studying the animal drawings on my room walls.
Skating. Filming. Editing.

(JL) Ah, yes the famed works of Benjamin Garret, they are perplexing.
So, if you don't mind me asking Where are you coming from?

(TW) Maine. I just switched from mountains and superpipes
to minis and indoor skate parks.

(JL) Whats good with the bodega situation around here,
where do you get your snacks?

(TW) It's 1'oclock in the morning. I just went to a gas station
and had to stand outside. I guess I need to find
these hidden bodegas

(JL) A bodega is defiantly whats missing from the
corner of T-Street and Bushwick. While we are on
the topic of snacks what do you think about Reuben sandwiches
becuase I am eating one right now and it's delicious.

(TW) I'm jealous I'm not eating a Reuben Sandwich. Thanks.

(JL) Right you are. Well thanks man, see you tomorrow.

(TW) For sure.

I recommend going to check out Travis' website at www.TravisLWood.com He has a bunch of great videos, everything from Maine Indoor Karting to L.L. Bean instructional videos for employees. Keep your eyes peeled for Travis' work your defiantly going to be seeing more of it, not just on Project Bushwick but all over New York and New England.