Yo everyone.....

Just letting you in on some of the buzz going around. Posts have been a bit sparse these days, but its because of lack of interest. Actually, its more like the opposite, trying to figure out new ways to get our content out there to y'all. Stay tuned for an interview with fellow Bushwick dweller Statik ...Selekta, producer, more recent works have been with the likes of Joe Scudda, Talib Kweli/Reflection Eternal, Wale, and such. Also, got plans for a new site to go along with the blog, full of photos, videos, and more. Works in progress are a few videos from our cold sessions at the Autumn Bowl, and trying to get into Homage's new indoor spot, so watch for those vids soon. Some random montages of our winter solution (basement fun) will be posted soon as well. So, basically, keep an eye on the blog and dont be discouraged if the posts come late...... Feb marks the 1 year anniversary for PROJECT BUSHWICK so there will def be some serious content coming soon.