Interview: Dakota Lee Segree

Photo by Raised Fist Propaganda
Photo by Raised Fist Propaganda

Dakota is a kid, that skates like a man. when I first met him I thought he was way older then I was and had been skating for what seemed 10 years. then I found out he was still a teenager, His personality and skill does not reflect his age whatsoever. He shreds harder then the best of them and always gives it 110percet on his skateboard. Be on the lookout for this kid. YOU WILL BE SEEING MORE OF HIM.

Yesterday JL sat down with Dakota and asked him a few questions.
-JL: Tell me where you live, and where you spend most of your time.

-Dakota: I live in Fresh Meadows NYC aka "The Maze" most of the time I spend my time traveling and filming.

-JL: What are your thoughts about the NYC skateboarding scene?

-Dakota: I think NYC is a great place to grow up skating because your not dedicated to skating in a skate park and you can show everyone what you can do in the streets

-JL: Damn that's one the best answers I've had to that question

-Dakota: Alright tight ha-ha

-JL: What are your plans for yourself as far as skateboarding is concerned?

-Dakota: Well right now I'm just out there filming trying to get coverage and, working on a really good video with some people no names can be mentioned at this moment.

-JL: what got you on a board in the first place? do you remember your first step...on a skateboard?

-Dakota: ah-aha Hell yea well it actually wasn't even a step it was more of a kneel at the age of like 7. I would say what really got me into skateboarding was when I moved into my neighborhood in 2001 and the influence kids put on me.

-JL: What are your plans for the next couple years?

-Dakota: Well for right now my plans for 2010 are to go to Las Vegas to get some footy with a couple of friends and then I should be hitting up my first year of college while still skating I don't know how that's going to work

-JL: yeah that's gonna be hard ha-ha but you'll be straight
do you have any last words for our readers?

-Dakota: I ♥ HATERS