Today Max, Ben and I stopped at Chelsea Piers Skatepark.

some antics on the L.

So after the fun trainride (we saw some old dude wearing a pair of Osiris D3's I wish I had my camera out they looked ridiculously huge, and this guy was of no large stature so they looked out of control large.)
anyways... after the train ride we showed up to the park.
this guy had such good style. I took notes.

This park is super wierd.
It's a public, free skatepark where you are required to sign a waiver, and need a permit to shoot photos. The dude's manning the little tent had the ultimate discretion when allowing admittance. They didn't let Ben in becuase he didn't have a helmet, not even to spectate. we skated for a while. here are a few photos we sneaked when the management wasn't looking. Permit or not I will document my skate expeditions, the city can suck it.
Max Menacher Blasting a Frontside Boneless.
Max took a photo of me doing a little straight ollie. It's cool I guess.

The park was a great experience after we got over the fact that the management sucked. all the guys shredding where cool and had alot to offer in the way of wisdom.

on that note. JL out!
I'm just trying to hold onto the world.

all photos by www.pez10.com and JL