HEY! Stop writing that parking ticket!

It's been raining the past few days on and off... I'm sure you all knew this. anyways we skated around Queens for the first time in a while. Here is what we accomplished in between random rain storms that seemed to chase us wherever we went.
Adam did this in the 15 minute duration we spent at Flushing until it rained. "Rained" is an understatement. IT WAS DOWNPOURING.
So we decided to hit up Queens Center Mall, Dakota led us on a trip through the brutal rainfall. to these two spots.
This place is AWESOME! Once you get over all the bird poop, it's super fun. you can see clips of Adam killing this barrier in our archives. He took the photo of my walliebackside180 and then we saw this.
In between the 495w and 495e overpass on Queens BLVD is the illest thing I have ever skated. It was so exhilarating just standing up on the barrier feeling cars blast by me on either side. Ask Ben he'll tell you, he was just walking on the expressway bridge like it was no big deal. My heart was pounding the entire time. Adam snapped this photo in the uncleNick of time. we ended up walking back to our car as a meter fairy was in the midst of writing us a ticket... little did he know he was about to encounter the likes of us...

to be cont.