Gowanus Grind pt 2.0

So today we went down and skated the box set up for the compitition and listened to some local metal band (wasn't feeling their sound), a chill regge band, and some kids band (ehh). Place was in park slope, mostly for younger kids. Met a bunch of other skaters and had a blast. Ended up grabbing 2nd in the comp so I'm PUMPED about that!!

Anyways, its been a while since I posted anything but I have been busy shooting these days. Here is the timelapse I shot of the miniramp resurfacing. Check it out! Oh and go to fullscreen mode for the full experience.

A few weeks back I went on my first trip out West, to Las Vegas, for Christa's brother's wedding I was in. Congrats Mike & Teeny. Had a great time out there as well,... but spent too much money on strippers. haha. Wasn't really on point with the gambling, had Christa taking care of that for the both of us, winning mad $$$ at the blackjack table. We ended up getting a SWEET hotel room at the Paris hotel with an AMAZING view of Vegas and the mountains in the background. Took a ton of photos on Christa's point and shoot so keep and eye out for those. Took this quick timelapse out the window.

That about covers it.... shot with the executives from my work the other day and then shot our company party, which was a shitshow for sure but TONS OF FUN!! Catch you guys later..... PZ