The New Scoop

So first of all we welcome Cross and Sluece to the Troutman St. House. and boy did we have a welcoming night!
we decided to show the 207 kids a good time by going to the westside of Manhattan to browse around a few bars, went down to McDougal St. ended up at a pretty dope bar called Off the Wagon bought mad pitchers. around 4am we realized what time it was and decided to go home Greg had the amazing idea while eating a piece of pizza from Angelos Pizzeria. The idea of finding a Limo, and barting with the dude to give us a ride home to Bushwick. well the guy was pretty sketched out and needless to say he gave us a ride heres a nice late night photo of everybodyPhotobucket
needless to say it was an extremely fun night!
well for some skating! we have been skating down at Knickerbocker Park (Maria Hernandez Park)

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the park offers a huge open courtyard wih a large stage with a perfect metal ledge that is LLOOOOONG with a 2 stair on each side.
we skate their often as it is right down the street from the block, Saturday we met up with Lamonte Macintosh and did some shredding damn that dude can skate, you might remeber him from his appearance in the New York Times article about skate shoes and the NYC skate scene mad props to Lamonte, Lupe, all the Johns down at KBP you guys shred! I'm actually on my way their right now (after i finish this post up)
here are a few photos of the ledge (photos taken from www.officialnewyork.com)

anyways drool over the local spot and enjoy!